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January 5, 2017


A species of yeast from the understudied basidiomycete class is part of lichen.

Understanding Lichen

Recently the way people understand and define lichen has changed.

November 9, 2016


It's not just the roast that gives your coffee flavor. It's also fermented yeast.

Why Does Coffee Taste So Good?

The similarities between coffee and wine might surprise you.

August 21, 2012


Check out all that barley beer!

How Is Barley Turned Into Beer?

Did you know that the majority of the world's barley harvest is destined for beer production.

May 30, 2012


Beer yeast may have led to an interesting discovery...

What Does Brewer’s Yeast Have To Do With Evolution?

Researchers experimenting with yeast think evolution from single-celled to multi-celled organisms might have happened in the blink of an eye.

February 2, 2011


Bread And Wine Are More Similar Than You Think!

Bread and wine have more in common than you might think... they both have yeast!

February 26, 2010


Wine And Beer: Different Types Of Alcohol, Same Basic Process

How are wine and beer similar? How are they different?

October 6, 2009


Why We Refrigerate Fruits and Vegetables

Everyone knows you should put spinach and berries in the refrigerator, but how do cooler temperatures keep most fruits and vegetables from spoiling rapidly?

December 26, 2008


Honey: Food for Yeast or a Natural Preservative

The high concentration of sugar in honey forces the water out of any yeast or bacteria cells that could otherwise contaminate the food.

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