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August 16, 2016


Although submarines are sophisticated machines, their ability to rise and sink is based on the elementary principle of buoyant force.


Ever wonder how submarines rise and sink so quickly? Find out on today's Moment of Science!

June 29, 2010


Henry Ford And His Soybean Car

You may have heard about Henry Ford's "soy car." Did this car exist? How did the soy car work?

February 6, 2007


Tanks, Guns, and Sulfa Powder

Find out how this early antibacterial drug helped the American troops in WWII.

May 20, 2005



You probably know about the Heimlich Maneuver, but who, or what, is Heimlich? Learn more on this Moment of Science.

September 27, 2003



To create a bomb based on nuclear fission, the scientists working on the top secret Manhattan Project had to find fissionable fuel. They settled on enriched uranium.

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