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January 8, 2010


Tall, green forest trees.

Exploding Trees

A single lightning bolt carries a peak current that's ten thousand times what an average lightbulb would use.

January 6, 2010


A close-up of a katydid.

The Siren Song of the Spotted Katydid

Learn how female katydids deceptively lure male cicadas to their death, on this Moment of Science.

November 23, 2009



Farmers And Trees

Who has been cutting down the trees? Hint: It's not who you think!

June 18, 2009


Dense forest

Sustainable Forest Fuel

Scientist may have found another alternative source of energy. Learn about sustainable forest fuel on this Moment of Science.

May 27, 2009


Bees swarming around hive

Rodents, Bees, and Elephants

You've probably heard that elephants are afraid of small rodent like mice and rats. But is there really any truth in this? Find out on A Moment of Science.

April 29, 2008


Palm trees in tropical forest

Self-destructing Palm

Biologists have discovered an intriguing new type of palm tree in Madagascar. Learn more on this Moment of Science.

April 3, 2008


Orange spicebush swallowtail caterpillar

Caterpillar Table Manners

Do caterpillars have table manners? Find out on this Moment of Science.

May 21, 2007


Grove of Quaking Aspen trees

Quaking Aspen

The biggest living thing is not an animal at all, but a plant. Learn more on this Moment of Science.

January 5, 2006



The Fastest Plant

What reigns among the fastest moving things on Earth? Light, of course. Bullets and rocketships. High-speed trains. What about plants?

October 7, 2004


How Do Birds Sleep?

Have you ever wondered how birds hang onto trees when they're asleep? Why don't they fall off? Find out on this Moment of Science.

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