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September 12, 2016


Understanding aggression could help scientists work with psychologists predict attacks.

Rejection Leads To Aggression

How do people react when they experience rejection?

November 8, 2013


More often than not, laughter is unrelated to humor.

What’s So Funny?

According to laughter research, you're not as funny as you think.

March 4, 2004


Love Really Does Hurt

Love hurts. We all know this. But a recent study suggests that rejection really does cause physical pain. Learn more on this Moment of Science.

September 27, 2003


Recent research has shown that people are 30 times more likely to laugh in a social situation than when they are alone.

Laughter is a Social Signal?

Laughter research has found that less than 20% of laughter is a sincere response to someone's humor. In fact, it's primarily a social signal.

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