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November 8, 2011


a pile of shredded recycling paper

How Many Times Can You Recycle Paper?

You've seen the recycling logo, three arrows pointing around in an endless loop. This is a little misleading though. Find out why!

August 13, 2010


assorted water bottles

Recycled Plastic Bottles Buoy Boat For 9,000 Mile Voyage

One man traveled 9,000 miles by sea on a bottle boat to relay his message about the importance of recycling.

July 30, 2010


draining motor oil from car

Can Motor Oil Be Recycled?

We all try to do our part for the environment by recycling old newspapers and soda cans. Why not our old motor oil?

June 27, 2006


pet waste sign

The Power in Dog Doo

Many European farms have been turning animal waste into biofuel for 20 years now.

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