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October 7, 2013


a spider in the trees weaving a web

What Is The Biggest Spider?

I have an insect question. What's the biggest spider ever?

December 29, 2010


Lily pads floating in water

Lily Pads, Cecropia Trees, And Vines

The Cecropia tree is the only tree in the rain forest not loaded down with vines... why?

November 22, 2010


a deforesed area of land

Saving Trees Can Help Prevent Malaria

Deforestation is a huge problem for the environment and disease control.

November 1, 2010


A rain forest with many lush, green trees

Why Is Rain Forest Soil So Poor After Trees Are Cut Down

Rain forests are full of abundant vegetation and life. So, why does the soil change when the trees are cut down?

March 2, 2004



Anacondas swallow their prey whole. Could these large snakes swallow a whole person? Find out on this Moment of Science.

September 27, 2003


Flying Snakes

Given the hundreds of thousands of different animals inhabiting our planet, the list of those that can fly is quite small. “Fly Snakes” on today’s Moment of Science.

September 27, 2003


Frog Venom

Did you know that frog venoms are becoming more and more prevalent in some of today's most vital medications? Find out more on this Moment of Science.

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