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June 24, 2008


The Colonization Conundrum

You want to build a spaceship that can travel from Earth to the newly established colony on Mars, but there's no way a human crew can survive the trip.

April 21, 2008


Why Is a Hothouse Hot?

Touch the inside surface of a window on a cold day and you can see that glass is bad at keeping out cold. Why does glass work so well for building hothouses?

March 26, 2007


Sentinel of the Sun

How will future space explorers protect themselves against dangerous solar flares?

March 26, 2007


Killed by the Sun

The sun may be far away, but its solar flares still present a deadly risk for astronauts going to the moon.

October 9, 2006


A March through an Electromagnetic Arch

What happens as you and your bag pass through an airport security gate?

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