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November 14, 2018


Trading Plastics Now

For years, China had taken on more than its share of the burden to manage the world’s waste, primarily sent from the U.S., Britain, Germany, and Japan.

June 1, 2018


Glitter Pollution

It's okay if you hate glitter; it's probably bad for the environment.

April 22, 2018


A Trip To The Trash Isles

You’ve probably heard of the garbage patch found between California and Hawaii that is approximately the size of Texas. Myths swirl around it: the patch is so big it can be seen from space and it looks like an island. The trash is so dense—dumped furniture, barrels, wood—there are people living on it. All the […]

October 2, 2017


The Arctic Ocean.

Plastic In The Arctic

Plastic waste from the eastern United States, the UK, and Europe is ending up in the Arctic Ocean.

September 15, 2017


A pile of wax worms.

Wax Worms Eat Plastic Bags

Scientists may have found a solution for polyethylene pollution.

March 16, 2016



Plastic-Eating Seabirds

Seabirds are consuming plastic waste that they fish out of the water.

July 22, 2015



Chitosan: the New Plastic?   

Scientists have developed a natural, biodegradeable plastic from chitinous crustacean shells.

October 21, 2014


As plastic-infused stones and corals sink to the sea floor, they may be buried in sediment and become a part of the Earth's geological record.

One Word: Plastics

There's so much plastic pollution in the environment, that plastic infused stones, or plastiglomerates, are forming all over the world.

September 29, 2014



Plastic From Shrimp

Shrilk—a mixture of silk and shrimp shells—is a game-changer for biodegradable plastics.

July 4, 2014


Buckling that seatbelt is easy. Do it!

How Seatbelts Work

Everyone knows seatbelts save lives. But do you know how they work?

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