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June 28, 2019


The Physics Of Setting Grapes On Fire

If you cut a grape in half and put the two halves in the microwave so that they’re touching each other, it will produce a glowing fireball.

June 24, 2019


Blow Dryer Flier

Blow dryers show us something about physics. Here’s an experiment you can do at home. All you need is a blow dryer, and a ping-pong ball.

June 18, 2019


Oxygen Can Exist Without Life

In their search for alien life, scientists look for gases, or combinations of gases, that should only be present if they are produced by life.

June 7, 2019


The Thermodynamics Of Pizza Ovens

According to a recent study conducted by two pizza-eating physicists in Rome, wood-fired brick ovens are the cause of an Italian pizza’s perfection.

June 6, 2019


The Curve Of A Meandering River

One of nature’s most basic and subtle shapes is the winding, back and forth S-curve of a meandering river.

April 23, 2019


The Electric Color Elephantnose Fish

In 2018 biologists reported that the elephantnose fish can sense qualities they called “electric colors.”

April 2, 2019


Inventing A New Kilogram

The kilogram was officially defined as the mass of a particular cylinder of platinum alloy cast in 1889 and stored in a special vault in France.

February 12, 2019


The Temperature of Rubbing Alcohol

The chemical makeup of rubbing alcohol allows it to evaporate more quickly than other liquids.

February 5, 2019


Working Against Gravity

Earth’s gravitational field is always pulling us toward the center of the Earth.

December 26, 2018


Mole Crickets Jump On Water

Would you believe there is a cricket that can jump on water?

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