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June 3, 2016



The Green Door

We don't perceive color in our peripheral vision because we have no cones, which sense light frequencies, on the outer edge of our retina.

March 1, 2016



Mona Lisa’s Mysterious Smile

Mona Lisa's smile appears and disappears as we alternate between peripheral and central vision.

February 17, 2009


The Limits of Vision

If your eyesight is good, you probably think everything you see is always in sharp focus, like a photograph; this isn't the case.

June 27, 2005



You know that dictionary game in which someone chooses an unusual word and everyone makes up a definition for it. Well, I’ve got a good word for you. Strabismus. Learn more on this Moment of Science.

March 25, 2004


The Green Door

Learn about peripheral vision and color on this Moment of Science.

February 23, 2004


Mona Lisa’s Mysterious Smile–Now You See It, Now You Don’t

What's the deal with Mona Lisa's smile? Find out on this Moment of Science.

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