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July 3, 2019


Painless Genetics

Doctors in Scotland recently came across a woman who has a gene mutation that makes everything from bumping into furniture to getting surgery totally painless.

August 29, 2018


Why Your Arm Hurts After A Flu Shot

Arm pain after a flu shot is a good sign.

May 25, 2017


Rabbits have facial expressions.

Rabbits Can Grimace

Mammalian animals and humans express pain in similar ways.

May 11, 2017


Watch out for text neck!

Text Neck

Do your neck and shoulders ache? Looking at your cell phone too much might be to blame.

February 19, 2016



There, there

Infants experience less pain from injections if given while they're nursing.

March 27, 2015



Stinging Caterpillars

Most caterpillars are harmless, but you don't want to take your chances.

March 26, 2015



Alcohol On A Wound

Alcohol creates a burning sensation on open wounds because it triggers your body's heat receptors.

March 25, 2015



My Ouch Ain’t Yours

Pain is experienced differently, as each person produces different levels of pain-numbing endorphins.

January 22, 2014


Why Sore Throats Hurt

Ever wonder why sore throats hurt so badly? And why do they occur in the first place?

December 18, 2013


Ice down your injury for a faster recovery.

Put Some Ice On It

Are you injured? Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation will get you fast results!

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