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June 28, 2018


Where Are The Obese Wild Animals?

Why aren’t more wild animals obese?

May 31, 2018


Your Sense Of Smell Is Better At 9 PM Than At 3 AM

In 2017, scientists found a link between peoples' senses of smell and their circadian clocks.

April 9, 2018


The United States Has A Pet Obesity Problem

More than fifty percent of pet dogs and almost sixty percent of pet cats are obese.

June 30, 2017


Losing weight can be difficult - especially for children.

What’s The Best Way To Help Kids Lose Weight?

According to a recent study, there's only one proven way to motivate kids to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

January 17, 2017


An embroidered representation of the digestive system. Organs in the digestive system can be damaged by excess fat.

Obesity And A Lack Of Fatty Tissue

People with lipodystrophy can have Type 2 diabetes while still remaining very thin.

July 29, 2016


Air pollution goes back far into earth's history.

You Are What You Breathe

Research suggests that early exposure to air pollution increases the risk of obesity.

April 26, 2016


dad and son eat

What Dads Eat May Affect Their Offspring

Diet can change the DNA of males, who then pass on certain traits to their offspring.

November 9, 2015



Variety in Diet 

The more variety in a given meal, the more food you consume.

July 30, 2015



Shopping for Highly Processed Foods

Consuming highly processed foods contributes to obesity.

March 20, 2015



Distract Your Way to Weight Loss

How do you fight snack cravings? Distract yourself from food distractions.

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