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November 30, 2015


dolphin in wake

Loud Dolphins

Dolphins are being drowned out by boat noise pollution, and are consequently having trouble breeding.

April 17, 2012


Make sure you ask the right questions to get where you want to go.

Problem Solving And Asking The Right Questions

Often problems, whether in math, science, or daily life, are hard to solve because we're not asking the right questions.

January 6, 2012


The whales are trying to talk... turn down the volume!

Noise Pollution Is Affecting Whales

If a noisy neighbor is blasting music, drowning out your conversations and interrupting your sleep, you can call the police. But what is a whale to do?

April 28, 2011


Am I Getting Sick From A Wind Turbine?

Do you live near a wind turbine and feel sick? There could be a connection...

January 13, 2009


Quiet! This Noise is Hurting My Feet

Cowboys in Western movies sometimes puts their ear to the ground to listen for a stampede or wagon train. Elephants can also communicate by hearing vibrations.

November 19, 2008


Gun Silencers

Hollywood portrays assassins with silencers on guns and they merely slip out into the night. Do these silencers really work??

September 27, 2003



Time once more for the Moment of Science word of the Day. Today's word is dither.

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