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July 17, 2012


Count Rumford has a plaque celebrating his accomplishments.

A Boring Program: The Concept of Friction

What do you know about Count Rumford? Learn about him on this Moment of Science.

October 8, 2010


Why Lying On A Bed Of Nails Doesn’t Hurt

You've seen magic shows where the magician asks someone to lie down on a bed of nails. How can they do this without getting hurt?

November 24, 2008


Prune Skin

We've all probably taken a bath, or been in the pool, then noticed parts of the palms of our hands and our feet become wrinkled. Why does this happen?

March 12, 2008


Dull Nails

Why does a little piece of wood always splinter off every time you hit a nail into wood using a hammer? To find out more, tune in to a Moment of Science.

January 20, 2005


The Heat Is On

Is heat a liquid? Find out on this Moment of Science.

September 27, 2003


Rejuvenating Your Skin

So what is actually happening when a moisturizer is rejuvenating your skin? First, moisturizers help your skin stay hydrated by either forming a barrier that prevents the water in your skin from evaporating, or by pulling water from the skin’s inner layers out to the skin’s surface.

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