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October 31, 2017


A thunderstorm.

How A Thunderstorm Begins

The simplest isolated thunderstorm begins with hot sunshine baking the ground.

February 15, 2013


There are a lot of myths surrounding Ben Franklin.

Ben Franklin Did Not Get Struck By Lightning

Zap... zap... zap... No, Ben Franklin was not struck by lightning.

January 3, 2012


Isn't this an amazing lightening strike!

Lightning Helps Fertilize The Soil

In addition to providing a spectacular light show, and scaring us to death, lightning also helps fertilize the soil.

January 11, 2010


What Happens If Your Car Gets Struck By Lightning?

Ever wonder what would happen if lightning struck you car? Find out on this Moment of Science.

January 8, 2010


Exploding Trees

A single lightning bolt carries a peak current that's ten thousand times what an average lightbulb would use.

October 16, 2009


The Shape Of Lightning Bolts

Why does lightning appear to have a jagged and irregular shape?

December 19, 2006


Iced Lightning

Do ice and lightning mix? Find out how a lightning bolt forms and how ice plays a role.

January 28, 2006


Juiced Up

Thanks to the simple but powerful battery power indicator, you will once again be able to change channels at lightning speed.

December 1, 2005


When the Sun Burps

Something mysterious happened in early January of 1997: rather abruptly, a multi-million dollar communications satellite that had been in perfect working order suddenly shut down, never to work again. Learn more on this Moment of Science.

September 27, 2003


Struck by Lightning

How is it that sometimes people survive multiple lightening strikes, while others die instantly?

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