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November 6, 2017


Two teenage girls with a much shorter boy between them

The Advantages Of Being Short

People evolved to be shorter to survive in colder climates.

January 4, 2017


Twelve donuts of varying flavors (chocolate, pink frosting, non-frosted with jam, white frosting, maple/light-brown) in a white box.

Why Do We Love Junk Food?

People know intellectually that fast food is bad for them, so why do they still crave it?

December 12, 2007


Chimpanzee sitting upright

Humans Take A Stand Part 1

Among all the primates, we humans are the only ones that stand on two legs. How did it come about that we do every day what nobody else does?

August 29, 2007


Sumatran orangutan at zoo

Walking Upright, in Trees

Learn about the differences between apes and humans on this Moment of Science.

June 13, 2006


girl sleeping

Violent Dreams

For people with REM sleep behavior disorder, or RBD, the action in the dream is acted out in reality!

September 27, 2003


The Trashy Side of DNA

Learn about the trashy side of DNA on this Moment of Science.

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