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May 31, 2011


Mask from Mexican City

Tunnel Found Under Temple Of The Snake In Mexico

For over 1,800 years, this tunnel has been sealed off from the world.

March 1, 2011


kids dressed up for halloween

Vampire-Like Symptoms Occur With Hereditary Porphyria

The legend of the vampire, Dracula, may have had its basis in a very real disease known as Hereditary Porphyria.

February 23, 2011


jupiter and moons

Galileo: Father Of Modern Science

A Moment of Science gives a Science Hero Award to Galileo!

February 21, 2011



Chemistry At Work: How Van Gogh Doomed His Sunflower Painting

Scientists believe they now know why Vincent van Gogh's sunflower paintings have dulled over the years.

October 28, 2010


Yard decorated with a giant glowing pumpkin for Halloween

How History Helped Shape Halloween

Why do we go door-to-door dressed up? Why do we create Jack O' Lanterns?

August 23, 2010


oil rig

Solar Powered Oil Rigs

What non governmental industry was the first to use commercially produced photovoltaic solar cells?

August 16, 2010


Solar Panels

What Happened To Jimmy Carter’s Solar Panels?

You may remember that Jimmy Carter installed solar panels on the White House. What happened to them?

August 10, 2010


Statue of Archimedes

True Or False: Arcimedes Used Mirrors To Set Roman Ships On Fire?

Could Archimedes have used mirrors to set Roman ships on fire?

July 26, 2010



Jules Verne: Our Science Hero Award Winner

Check out our science hero award winner... Jules Verne!

June 29, 2010



Henry Ford And His Soybean Car

You may have heard about Henry Ford's "soy car." Did this car exist? How did the soy car work?

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