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June 10, 2015



Is Glass Solid?        

Scientists search for solid evidence to answer whether glass is a solid or liquid.

January 7, 2014


The glass windows of tomorrow could be even better than they are in the present.


While today's glass is definitely amazing stuff, it does have it's drawbacks. Will a new type of coating eliminate these problems in the future?

April 23, 2013


It is possible to cut a piece of glass exactly in half using a special tool, but make sure you be careful not to cut yourself

Cutting Glass

Think you can break a piece of glass exactly in half? You can. Learn more on this Moment of Science.

December 18, 2012


How do you drink less?

Want To Drink Less Alcohol? Change Your Glass.

Does drinking from a curved glass increase the chance that you'll drink faster?

August 20, 2012


It's a very good thing that windshields are so strong.

What Makes Windshield Glass So Tough?

We tend to think of glass as fragile--but in fact, glass is pretty strong stuff.

January 3, 2011


Does Champagne Taste Better In A Good Glass?

Champagne is a great to drink during times of celebration. Does the glass you pour champagne into matter?

April 15, 2010


How A Rear-View Mirror Works

You're driving along at night and suddenly you're blinded by light. You flick the tab on your rear-view mirror... what happens next?

February 3, 2009


The Biology of Sand

Many ocean-going life forms draw calcium from the water around them, and use it to secrete a hard exoskeleton, seashells for example.

October 6, 2008


Glass Beaches

Florida has begun using glass as sand at the beach as a way to keep its shores friendly to both tourists and wildlife.

April 21, 2008


Why Is a Hothouse Hot?

Touch the inside surface of a window on a cold day and you can see that glass is bad at keeping out cold. Why does glass work so well for building hothouses?

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