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October 1, 2019


How Ants Turn Into Zombies

Scientists have found zombie ants in the Brazilian rainforests. The ants are infected by a fungus. In fact, scientists have just found four new species of the zombie‑creating fungus, Ophiocordyceps.

September 10, 2019


Mosquito-Killing Fungus

There’s been a lot of research lately about how we can get rid of malaria-carrying mosquito populations.
One way might be to use a transgenic fungus.

April 23, 2018


The World’s Largest Single Living Organism

The world's largest single organism is 2,384 acres of land big and lives in Oregon.

November 3, 2016



The First Farmers

Farming has been a useful tool for a long long time, and not just for humans!

January 12, 2016


woodpecker boring holes

Woodpeckers and Fungus

Woodpeckers and fungi are partners in crime: Woodpeckers spread fungal spores and, in turn, fungi decay wood which woodpeckers bore into in search of food.

February 10, 2015



Reindeer Spit

Animals and plants take part in an evolutionary dance of chemical warfare.

September 8, 2014



Prototaxites: Giant Fungus

Long before animals roamed the earth, Prototaxites existed—a twenty-foot organism that some scientists classify as a giant fungus.

August 23, 2014


Healthy Indiana bats hibernating in Missouri.

The Bugs Will Love This

Research suggests White Nose Syndrome in bats will have bleak ecological and economic consequences.

May 22, 2012


Bioinvasion: The Ultimate Threat To Our Ecosystem

Exactly how much are we damaging the environment when we put up new buildings and expand our cities?

March 27, 2012


A bat with White Nose Syndrome.

All About White Nose Syndrome In Bats

The mystery began in a cave near Albany, New York in 2006...

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