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April 18, 2012


Yum! Perfect whipped cream!

How To Make Perfect Whipped Cream

There's science behind the perfect whipped cream recipe!

October 28, 2011


Sea urchins range in size and color but no matter what you see always be careful of their sting.

The Surreal World of Sea Urchins

French filmmaker, Jean Painlevé, ushers us into the disconcerting realm of echinoderms.

October 21, 2011


Thomas Edison with his phonograph and look that says, "Don't mess with me; I will harm lower animals if I have to."

Thomas Edison’s A Bad Role Model

Things get out of hand when a rambunctious work elephant comes face to face with Thomas Edison's insatiable ambition.

February 9, 2011


Insect-Inspired Technology Leads To Improvements In Solar Panels

Using moth eyes as inspiration, a team of scientists in Japan have created a film that could be used on solar cells.

September 27, 2003


Movie Magic

From light saber battles to the sinking of the Titanic, some special effects seem almost magical. Most film makers still use a relatively simple process called matte layering, which involves using a blue or green screen to create images that can be layered to create a composite image.

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