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October 25, 2017


woman looking at tea light

Emotional Intelligence Can Be A Negative

One study showed that people with higher levels of emotional intelligence experience more stress.

February 6, 2017


An image of an MRI scan on a desktop computer monitor.

The Brain Of A Psychopath

Scientists are studying how to diagnose psychopathy using MRIs.

October 31, 2016


Two Great Pyrenees dogs touch noses.

The Empathetic Abilities of Dogs

Scientists are studying whether or not dogs are empathetic.

March 5, 2014


A pile of blue plastic balls

Learning Sympathy

In spite of recent research on the subject, when and how babies learn sympathy is still something of a scientific mystery.

August 3, 2010



What Makes A Tear-Jerker?

Brain studies are making scientists look at human interaction in a whole new light.

June 2, 2008


A small boy hiding under a desk

Autism and Contagious Yawning

While the communicability of the yawn is not one of the most pressing issues in modern medicine, scientists still have few clues about why it happens.

September 27, 2003



What do IQ tests really measure? Find out what psychologists think, on this Moment of Science.

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