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May 27, 2019


Super Bats

New research shows that bats have surprisingly fast brains.

April 15, 2019


How Moths Hide From Bats

In the same way that visual camouflage makes things hard to see, acoustic camouflage makes it hard for bats to see moths.

March 18, 2019


Human Echolocation

Scientists have shown that many blind people develop enhanced hearing abilities.

January 21, 2019


How Fireflies Survive

New research shows how fireflies use their flashing bodies to avoid bats.

November 9, 2018


Bat Jammers

Bats can emit sound frequencies that disrupt other bats' sonar signals.

September 14, 2017


Bats have more than twenty muscles devoted to moving their ears.

Bats Use Active Hearing

Scientists are studying bats' echolocation abilities.

October 21, 2015



Humans Can Echolocate, Too

Visually impaired humans can develop the ability to navigate their surroundings using echolocation, like bats and dolphins.

August 13, 2015



Super Bats 

With their echolocating abilities and fast sensory-motor reactions, bats are amazingly quick on the uptake.

December 8, 2014



The Better to Hear You

From bats to whales, echolocation helps certain mammals navigate environments with limited visibility using reflected sounds.

March 27, 2012


A bat with White Nose Syndrome.

All About White Nose Syndrome In Bats

The mystery began in a cave near Albany, New York in 2006...

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