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January 4, 2018


Two kinds of animal camouflage are termed as protective (allowing prey to hide) and aggressive (allowing a predator to sneak up on prey).

Dinosaur Camouflage

A recent study found evidence that an ankylosaur coloring was similar to the protective coloration we see in modern animals.

June 19, 2017


An image taken of an Albertosaurus fossil at the Royal Tyrell Museum

The Story In Their Teeth

The long incubation period for dinosaurs may have contributed to their extinction.

February 4, 2015



Spinosaurus: The Lost Dinosaur

The recently rediscovered Spinosaurus is changing paleontologist's understanding of the dinosaur kingdom.

July 18, 2013


What do you think scientists will learn next about the dinosaurs?

Scientists Are Learning So Much About Dinosaur Nests

The oldest dinosaur nests have unearthed some surprising secrets...

July 17, 2013


The recently discovered fossil Aurornis xi, provides new evidence that its more famous close relative Archaeopteryx is the ancestor of all birds.

Fossil Discovery Clarifies The Evolution Of Birds

New fossils unearthed in China cast light on the evolution of today's fliers.

March 16, 2012


Want to wind back the clock?

Does Life Evolve The Same Way, Twice?

Suppose you had the ability to wind back the clock to just before life appeared on earth and let it all happen again. Would life evolve in the same way twice?

August 12, 2011


Was Dinosaur “Sue” A Boy?

Was the dinosaur "Sue" really supposed to be named "Bob?"

November 30, 2009


Prehistoric Runways

What are prehistoric runways and why are they so important?

October 2, 2008


Dinosaur Oil Crisis

There's some new evidence that a giant oil fire might have had something to do with the dinosaurs' demise. Find out more on today's "Moment of Science."

June 12, 2007


Cloning T-Rex: The Difficulty With Cloning Dinosaurs

We can clone sheep and other animals, right? So why not dinosaurs? Find out on this Moment of Science.

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