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August 1, 2017


Dionaea muscipula is commonly known as a Venus flytrap.

The Venus Flytrap Countdown

Biologists confirm that Venus flytraps can count to 20.

October 24, 2013


Two Rhesus monkeys share their monkey business with one another.

Monkey Numbers

New study shows monkeys do well on both their verbal and math scores.

October 12, 2012


How did you learn how to count?

How People In Greenland Learn How To Count

The counting system of native Greenlanders not only uses all ten fingers, but all ten toes as well!

June 16, 2011


Can Animals Count?

One... Two... Three. Humans can count but can animals?

September 27, 2003


Counting on Your Fingers

The Greenlandic word for the number seven translates as, “second hand, two.” That means you count five on the first hand and add two from the second, to make seven. After you run out of fingers, go for the toes. Thirteen translates as “first foot, three.” That means you add all ten fingers plus three toes.

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