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September 13, 2019


Why Can’t We Remember Our Dreams?

Perhaps you’ve heard that the average person dreams four to six times each night. But did you know that most of us are unable to recall 90% of our dreams? Today on A Moment of Science we ask why it is that we forget most of our dreams.

August 26, 2019


Rewards Change How Rats See The World

In a recent experiment, rats changed the mental map of their surroundings after getting a reward.

July 8, 2019


The Crafty Octopus

Scientists have known for some time that octopuses make use of shells and other objects they find to hide from predators.

June 21, 2019


Dyslexia’s Differences Across Cultures

The brains of people with dyslexia respond differently to reading alphabets than they do to logographic scripts like Chinese.

June 4, 2019


Cockroaches Have Personalities And Make Choices

By studying cockroaches, scientists can learn a lot about the relationship between individuals and groups, and what they learn might be applicable to people, too.

June 3, 2019


The Apple in the Mind’s Eye

Scientists hypothesize that people rely on some general mental scheme of what apples look like to remember the Apple logo.

May 30, 2019


Infants Use Analogies Before They Can Speak

The ability to make comparisons and analogies‑‑to tell when and how things are the same or different‑‑is a mental capacity that distinguishes human beings from at least most other animals.

May 23, 2019


It’s Easier To Lie In A Foreign Language

In a recent study, people took longer to tell the truth in a foreign language because the extra cognitive load of speaking a different language made it harder.

April 10, 2019


The Psychology Of Stressful Performance

Research shows that when activities require thinking, we’re more prone to choke.

March 19, 2019


How Fruit Flies Learn To Behave

Fruit flies are capable of learning behavior and passing it down to subsequent generations.

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