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November 19, 2009


Raindrops Of Many Sizes

Why are raindrops different sizes when they fall from the sky?

September 17, 2009


It’s Raining Bacteria! The Truth About Clouds

Some clouds appear light and fluffy. Others dark and menacing. But are all clouds made of bacteria?

October 22, 2008


Clouds in the Kitchen

Steam is water that's heated to two hundred twelve degrees Fahrenheit. Believe it or not, steam is invisible--you can see right through it!

September 1, 2008


Is Dew In The Morning A Good Way To Predict The Weather?

"When the dew is on the grass, rain will never come to pass; When grass is dry at morning light, look for rain before the night." Is this true?

November 13, 2007


Clouds Shining in the Night

If you ever visit the Arctic, you might see some really cool, luminescent clouds high up in the atmosphere. Scientists call them night shining clouds.

August 14, 2007


A Cloud Magnet

If you look at the sky on a cloudy day, you will find more clouds near the horizon than directly overhead. Why? Learn more on this Moment of Science.

December 19, 2006


Iced Lightning

Do ice and lightning mix? Find out how a lightning bolt forms and how ice plays a role.

July 22, 2005


A Ring Around The Moon

Unlike Saturn, which has actual, physical rings, the ring you can sometimes see around the moon is merely an optical illusion.

July 29, 2004


How Clouds Float

Learn how clouds float on this Moment of Science.

July 22, 2004



Can you see the man in the moon? Learn about pareidolia on this Moment of Science.

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