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April 3, 2019


How Attitudes Can Change Performance

Sometimes attitudes about genes can affect human behavior more than the genes actually do.

January 29, 2019



Magnesite is a carbonate mineral, which means it captures CO2 when it’s formed.

December 25, 2018


Maybe We Can’t Terraform Mars?

Ever since the 1960s researchers have been studying the possibility of altering the Martian environment to make it Earth-like and habitable.

June 21, 2018


Did Venus Ever Have Oceans?

In 2016, NASA scientists published a study that indicated Venus could have had oceans for the first two billion years of its history.

May 30, 2018


Poison Ivy And Global Warming

A smaller, but itchier side effect of global warming: poison ivy will become larger and more potent.

March 26, 2018


Should You Tap Your Soda Can?

Today, we give you the science behind what's going on inside soda cans.

January 10, 2018


hot air balloon

Full of Hot Air?   

It's a gas! Air consists of nitrogen and oxygen and lots of empty space.

January 19, 2017


Getting tense while watching that suspenseful movie? Your body might be releasing isoprene.

The Smell of Suspense

When a person is watching a movie, their brains and bodies are reacting.

October 27, 2016


Why do bananas get those ugly brown spots?

When Good Bananas Go Bad

Have you ever wonder why bananas seem to go bad so quickly?

September 7, 2016


Every year for the past 700 years, Japanese monks have kept an eye on the freezing and thawing of Lake Suwa, a lake in the Kino Mountains of central Japan.

Believe The Lake And River

What can ancient observations of Lake Suwa and the Torne River tell us about climate change?

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