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April 6, 2019


Was There An Opium Trade In The Bronze Age?

A chemical analysis of a Bronze Age jug found in Egypt might finally vindicate an old theory that jugs like it contained opium.

December 7, 2015



Surprise at Stonehenge!

Archaeologists discover ancient remains that point to Stonehenge's non-British origins.

November 20, 2015



Paleogenomics and the Bronze Age

Genetic analysis of ancient remains can uncover buried facts about our cultural evolution, like why we drink milk.

April 20, 2009


Humans, House Mice, and Habitats

Isolated from their mainland relatives, these house mice evolved over time into a distinct species, larger and shaped differently from their ancestors.

November 21, 2003


Surprise at Stonehenge

Have scientists solved the mystery of Stonehenge? Find out on this Moment of Science: "Surprise at Stonehenge".

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