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May 23, 2019


It’s Easier To Lie In A Foreign Language

In a recent study, people took longer to tell the truth in a foreign language because the extra cognitive load of speaking a different language made it harder.

May 20, 2019


What Causes Alzheimer’s Disease?

An international team of biomedical scientists think Alzheimer’s is caused by an infection of the brain by the same bacterium that causes the gum disease gingivitis.

April 29, 2019


Dinosaurs’ Noses Helped Them Cool Down

Scientists recently did some CT scans of fossils from two different ankylosaur species in order to find out what a dinosaur was doing with complicated loops inside its nose.

March 5, 2019


How The Brain Sees

The human brain uses the same areas for both imagination and vision.

January 18, 2019


Literature and the Brain

A recent study indicates that reading fiction helps improve the brain’s capacity for creativity.

November 16, 2018


Ghost In The Lab

Scientists trick the brain into attributing signals from its own body to an invisible "ghostly" presence.

October 18, 2018


This Is Your Brain On Spirituality

If you’re doing intense yoga, your brain scans might look similar to those praying.

January 9, 2018


A skilled reader’s eyes move four or five times each second.

How We Read

The part of our eyes we use to see fine detail, and to read, is actually very limited: an angle of five degrees at the center of our field of vision.

July 10, 2017


What is your favorite bird song?

Bird Song Genes, FoxP2, And Reelin

Scientists studying zebra finch brains have identified about 2000 vocalization genes in a brain region known as Area X.

December 15, 2016


Humans are not the only animals that are self-aware.

A Fish That Might Know It Exists

Manta rays didn't react with social behavior when they saw themselves in mirrors.

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