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July 1, 2016



The Remains of a Star

A black hole has such a powerful gravitational pull that it sucks up everything nearby, including light.

September 30, 2015



Ghostly Objects Surrounding Distant Galaxies 

In 2007, a Dutch schoolteacher discovered green ghostly structures surrounding distant galaxies that he dubbed "voorwerps."

September 11, 2010


String Theory: The Holy Grail of Quantum Mechanics?

So what's all this hype about "string theory"? Find out what scientists are saying about it now!

May 6, 2004


A Deep Hole in the Pole

The neatest new idea for a telescope is a deep hole in the pole. Learn about the AMANDA II on this Moment of Science.

March 5, 2004


The Lowest Note in the Universe

What's the lowest note in the universe? The answer may surprise you. Find out on this Moment of Science.

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