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July 9, 2019


Crow Thievery

Crows are always on the lookout for others to rob, and they alter their tactics depending upon whether their victim is related or not.

April 11, 2019


New Solutions For International Wildlife Trafficking

Every year, millions of birds are taken from places like Brazil to sell around the world, and it is devastating tropical bird populations.

January 1, 2019


Scaring Birds Off With Lasers

Starlings can do incredible damage to a commercial farm’s profits.

May 8, 2018


Why Did the Dinosaur Cross the Road?

In 2004, scientists found a fossil that helped further prove that birds evolved from dinosaurs.

March 9, 2018


From the source: Dwarf mistletoe growing on a coastal lodgepole pine tree

Dwarf Mistletoe

Dwarf mistletoe is one of the most destructive parasites in North American forests.

June 27, 2017


Scientists were somewhat surprised to find that birds in harsh and unpredictable climates had the largest brains.

Surviving Climate Change

What attribute do birds need to live in harsh, unpredictable climates?

March 27, 2017


Western burrowing owls are a protected species in the United States.

Wise Owls

On this A Moment of Science, we discuss some of the burrowing owl's wisest moves.

March 24, 2017



Speaking with Tongues

In 2004, a team of scientists from Indiana University, proved how necessary a parrot's tongue was in its ability to talk like humans.

December 21, 2016


A crow sunbathing in Hyde Park in London

Basking Birds

Why do birds sunbathe? To maintain their feathers.

November 24, 2016


Peacocks are great examples of Fischer's Runaway Model which explains how over many generations, certain aspects like longer wings on birds is more attractive, yet less useful for actually flying.

Runaway Tail!

One common misconception people have regarding evolution is that the gradual changing of physical forms always benefits the species in question.

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