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July 30, 2019


Megachile pluto, The World’s Largest Bee

Megachile pluto is the world’s largest bee, and perhaps its most elusive. It is commonly called “Wallace’s giant bee,” after naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace, who first collected the bee in 1858.

March 8, 2019


Silent Bees

Citizen scientists were involved in a fascinating study of multiple bee populations.

October 25, 2018


Can Bees Understand The Concept Of Zero?

In one study, bees when shown two cards were able to identify cards that had more or less dots on them.

July 18, 2018


Honeybees Use Heat To Fight Wasps

If honeybees in China were to become characters in a superhero comic book, they might be called Great Balls of Fire.

March 27, 2018


Climate Change And Your Coffee

88% of the coffee-growing zones in Central America may be gone by 2050.

October 9, 2017


A Bombus griseocollis, colloquially known as a brown belted bumblebee

Bumblebee Pollination Methods

Bumblebees use sonication to get pollen from a flower's anther.

September 25, 2017


Honey bee covered in pollen

Are Insects Conscious?

Scientists are studying how bees experience life.

September 19, 2017


Queen bees help keep everything in order by releasing phermones which calms all the other male bees down- less aggressive.

Royal Jelly And Vaccines

Humans aren't the only ones that receive vaccinations.

August 29, 2017


A recent study revealed bees have more cognitive flexibility than previously thought.

The Bee Shoots, It Scores!

A study that taught bees to do motions similar to soccer demonstrated their cognitive abilities.

August 15, 2017


A Bombus griseocollis, colloquially known as a brown belted bumblebee

Bumblebee Footprints

Bumblebees know which flowers are the most promising food sources.

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