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July 10, 2017


What is your favorite bird song?

Bird Song Genes, FoxP2, And Reelin

Scientists studying zebra finch brains have identified about 2000 vocalization genes in a brain region known as Area X.

May 25, 2016


The primary motor cortex and the basal ganglia order the muscles around the mouth into a forced smile. The amygdala and hypothalamus automatically contract muscles into a genuine beam.

Say Cheese

Fake smiles and real smiles are controlled by two different parts of the brain.

May 19, 2014


Birds are smarter than scientists initially thought.

Research Shows Bird Brains Aren’t So Bad

Not exactly sure what difference between the cerebral cortex and the basal ganglia is? That's okay. Experts get confused too, as with the case of bird brains.

March 29, 2010


Why Do Our Hands Have A Nervous Tremor?

Why does your hand shake from time to time? What causes this reaction?

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