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December 13, 2017


Via the source, this is a long exposure of a night sky when the Geminids were happening. This photo can give you a sense of how many meteors it's possible to see over an extended viewing.

Meteor Showers

The Geminid Meteor Showers peak on December 13th and 14th 2017.

November 21, 2017


Tardigrades, also called water bears, as viewed on a microscope.

Life Persists

If the origin of life is at all common, scientists may soon be finding lots of life-bearing worlds.

September 8, 2017


Other planets may have water, but not complex life like Earth.

Waterworlds Throughout The Galaxy

Earth, with its habitable conditions, may be incredibly rare.

May 8, 2017


Where is your favorite place to stargaze?

Why Do Stars Twinkle?

Astronomers are learning more about the brightening and dimming of stars.

March 30, 2016



The Double Impact

Scientists discover that Earth was hit by two meteorites at the same time, ten miles apart.

October 27, 2015


Seen here through a telescope, Vesta is visible to the naked eye.


Though unremarkable in size, the asteroid Vesta has an inner glow sure to catch your eye.

March 6, 2015



Rifts on the Moon

The man in the moon's face was actively formed by hot lava and other geological forces.

February 20, 2015



The Youngest Crater

Most of the moon's craters were formed by asteroid crash landings millions or billions of years ago, but more recent collisions are also making their mark.

January 9, 2015



What’s That in the Sky?

Falling sky debris doesn't pose any real threat. But in the nuclear age, asteroids could trigger war sirens.

November 13, 2014



Giant Asteroid Headed Towards Earth!*

*Beware of alarmist headlines. The odds are slim when it comes to giant Earth-bound asteroids.

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