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January 4, 2012


They do well in aquariums and bowls because they can thrive in stale water, as long as they can get some fresh air!

Airhead Fish

Find out which fish will survive best in your little fishbowl!

December 20, 2005


Rubbernecking Fish

Siamese fighting fish are as beautiful, but this isn't the reason they were first domesticated by us humans.

November 19, 2004


Ocean’s Most Wanted

They might seem innocent and lovely in your aquarium, but released into the wild, your plants and fish can knock aquatic ecosystems right out of balance.

September 27, 2003


Mending a Broken Heart

Starfish can regenerate their legs, worms can survive being cut into, but what creature can actually fix a broken heart? Find out on this Moment of Science.

September 27, 2003


Do Fish Have Memories?

Do fish actually have a working memory? Recent experiments show that fish can in fact remember things for several days.

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