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January 14, 2019


Are All Antioxidants The Same?

I've heard a lot about how antioxidants can help prevent disease. Does that mean that I should eat as much antioxidant rich foods as possible?

January 4, 2019


The Power Of Cute

I've heard that owning a dog or cat can be a good way to deal with stress and ward off depression. Is that true?

December 28, 2018


Cats AND Dogs are Wild Animal Killers

While cats are the leading killers of small birds and small mammals, dogs do their fair share of damage.

August 15, 2018


Mice Songs

Alston’s singing mice sing songs that humans can hear, and that can last up to 20 seconds.

August 10, 2018


Your Airplane Ride Probably Didn’t Make You Sick

A recent study found that airplane seat belt buckles, bathroom door handles, tray tables, and other hard surfaces

June 18, 2018


Porcupine Quills

Are porcupine quills poisonous? Well no, let's start with the basics...

May 14, 2018


Neanderthals And Art

Our understanding of neanderthals and their ability to make art is evolving.

January 30, 2018


From the source: "This image is from a test series used to characterize the 100-millimeter Mast Camera on NASA's Curiosity rover. It was taken on Aug. 23, 2012, and looks south-southwest from the rover's landing site. The 100-millimeter Mastcam has three times better resolution than Curiosity's 34-millimeter Mastcam, though it has a narrower field of view. In the distance, there are dark dunes and then the layered rock at the base of Mount Sharp. Some haze obscures the view, but the top ridge, depicted in this image, is 10 miles (16.2 kilometers) away."

Frozen Water On Mars, Flowing Water On Mars

A climate model of early Mars explains how water could've flowed despite freezing temperatures.

December 1, 2017


There are more than 7,000 languages on Earth.

Bonjour, Hello, こんにちは

Scientists are researching why there are more than 7,000 different languages on Earth.

October 10, 2017


A husky.

Raising Wolves

Wolf pups raised by humans do bond with their caretakers, although the bond is different than it is with dogs.

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