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Positions of the Uterus

Learn about all the various positions of the uterus on this Moment of Science.

If the body of the uterus is suspended in a straight, vertical position, then the uterus is in midposition. But now it gets a little complicated.

If the entire body of the uterus tilts forward toward the belly, this is called ante version; if the body tilts backwards toward the spine this is called retro version.

A Bending Uterus

Besides tilting, though, the top of the uterus can bend a bit, which is called anteflexion or retroflexion. A majority of women have a uterus that is both anteverted and anteflexed, meaning it tilts and bends forward toward the belly.

About fifteen to twenty percent have a uterus that tilts backwards. A routine pelvic exam can determine the position of your uterus.


According to medical experts, the actual positioning of the uterus doesn’t affect fertility. However, a retroverted uterus can sometimes be the result of endometriosis or pelvic inflammatory disease, and in both of these cases scar tissue can decrease one’s fertility.

Otherwise, one shouldn’t be concerned about the position of her uterus unless she experiences problems such as pain during intercourse or when using a tampon.

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