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Lose Weight Fast on this Moment of Science. Though this new weight loss program has some scientific validity, don’t count on losing a lot of weight because of it.

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota did some experiments to try to figure out why some people gain more weight than others. As you’ve probably noticed, some people can eat whatever they want and never seem to gain a pound. In this study, volunteers were given a thousand extra calories a day–about two cheeseburger’s worth of extra intake. They also wore special devices that recorded how much they moved– you know, walking up and down steps and whatnot. Everybody gained weight, but some people gained much less than others. The culprit? Fidgeting.

That’s right; drumming your fingers or scratching your neck can help you loose weight. Any motion takes energy to perform. Little motions like rearranging things on your desk or stretching your back, if you do them all the time, start to add up. We generally only think of large motions, like exercise, as burning calories. But people who have the fidgets may be doing a slow, steady burn all day long.

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