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Lab-Grown Engagement Rings?

Find out the difference between naturally-mined gems and cultured gems.

diamond engagement ring

Photo: ljv (flickr)

There are more uses for these gems besides looking pretty.

New in the jewelry market are diamonds and other precious gems that are grown by scientists in laboratories.

Why might this be a better option to naturally found gems?

For one, they are much cheaper. They are 100% real diamonds. The only difference: they are man-made!

There are more uses for these gems besides looking pretty. They can even be used to improve cell phones, detect bacteria in water, or make tools like lasers.

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Molly Plunkett

is a journalism student at Indiana University and an online producer for A Moment of Science. She is originally from Wheaton, IL.

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  • Engagement Rings

    I dont think there will be much sales for this type of engagement rings as they are not natural. People will always want to buy the diamond which are costly.

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