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Coywolves On The Prowl

Learn about the new coyote-wolf hybrid... the coywolf!


Photo: Elvis Pépin (flickr)

The wolf is making a comeback.

Once upon a time, wolves roamed the northeastern regions of the United States in plentiful packs.  But about a century ago, human development drove wolves away.  They retreated north, into Canada, and west into Michigan, Wisconsin and other Midwestern states.

New York, New York

Now, though, the wolf is making a comeback in upstate New York.  Sort of.  More accurately, wolves are returning in the form of coyote‑wolf hybrids.

Scientists suspect that so‑called coywolves first began appearing around the 1920s.  Coyotes migrating from western states began to interbreed with wolves in Canada.

Their offspring are larger than normal coyotes, which hunt rodents and small mammals.  Like wolves, coywolves hunt deer.  Also like wolves, coywolf males are larger than females.  And they hunt in packs and roam forests, similar to wolves.


But where wolves shy away from suburbs and other human settlements, the hybrids have inherited the fearlessness of pure coyotes.  In some areas in Canada, coywolf packs have been seen attacking sheep, cattle, and other domesticated animals in broad daylight.

Coywolves are, in effect, something like a new species.  Unlike mules and some other hybrids, they’re able to reproduce.  And they’re beginning to fill many of the ecological niches in the northeastern United States abandoned by wolves.

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  • mystikalmom

    I have seen a coyote twice,behind my apartment on south rogers st.Once in the morning(he was laying in the sun,w/o fear of me or my dogs),the second time,my dogs chased him away.They yip about 2or3 times a week.

  • David Braun

    I believe I have see one about two years ago going to work one early morning……..most cyotesihave see over the years are bigger than a fox…..but the one I saw ghastly more wolf like features…….about the size of a malnutrition or huskey……I live on the southeast side of Indpls, an this cyotesas just about 4miles from downtowwn Indy……I called DNR about the sighting but child not give much info… I could have mistakes this for a dog…….but after reading an viewing coywolves online I am only certain it was a coywolf…….

  • Karen Cheek

    I am pretty positive I saw a coywolf in my own backyard today at lunch (106th St) I watched a “Nature” episode about the spread of coywolves which focused on the Chicago area. It is not a stretch to imagine they have made it to Indianapolis. My dog chased it from the yard before I got a long look, but like David below, this creature was about the size of a husky (not too much bigger than my 50 lb dog) and had wolf-like features. This was broad daylight. There is a small woods behind my house, but construction everywhere. I think this is forcing the predators out of their normal daytime hiding places which are shrinking at an alarming rate.

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