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June 14, 2019


Laughing Through Brain Surgery

Electrically stimulating a part of the brain of patients undergoing surgery induces laughter followed by an immediate feeling of relaxation and happiness.

June 13, 2019


What Exactly Do Genes Do?

In the 1940s biologists George Beadle and Edward Tatum wanted to “find out what genes do by making them defective.”

June 12, 2019


Flowers Are Able To Choose Who Pollinates Them

While studying Heliconia flowers in Costa Rica, biologists noticed that they were clearly choosing their pollinators, but they still didn’t know how the flowers could tell one hummingbird from another.

June 11, 2019


Global Warming Helps Leafhoppers Proliferate

Entomologists found that potato leafhoppers, which are migratory pests, arrived in the fields an average of 10 days earlier in 2012 than they did in the early 1950s.

June 10, 2019


The Limitations of Weather Forecasts

Researchers at Pennsylvania State University did a collaborative study in which they tried to find the ultimate limit of how far out we could predict the weather.

June 7, 2019


The Thermodynamics Of Pizza Ovens

According to a recent study conducted by two pizza-eating physicists in Rome, wood-fired brick ovens are the cause of an Italian pizza’s perfection.

June 6, 2019


The Curve Of A Meandering River

One of nature’s most basic and subtle shapes is the winding, back and forth S-curve of a meandering river.

June 5, 2019


Farout: The Solar System’s Most Distant Known Member

In 2018 a team of American astronomers announced the discovery of the most distant solar system body yet discovered.

June 4, 2019


Cockroaches Have Personalities And Make Choices

By studying cockroaches, scientists can learn a lot about the relationship between individuals and groups, and what they learn might be applicable to people, too.

June 3, 2019


The Apple in the Mind’s Eye

Scientists hypothesize that people rely on some general mental scheme of what apples look like to remember the Apple logo.

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