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November 15, 2017


The way a gravy becomes thick is by using a roux: a mixture of a fat and a starch.

Why Your Gravy Needs Starch

Smooth, delicious gravy isn't just art; it's science!

November 8, 2017


Vinegar comes from two fermentations. The first is alcohol based. Then the second is from acid.

A Moment Of Vinegar

Vinegar is delicious, makes delicious things, and can be used as a cleaning agent.

October 29, 2017


Happy Halloween!

Halloween Round-Up

Here's some spooky science from our archives to get you in the Halloween spirit.

October 25, 2017


Slime is a non-Newtonian fluid.

Basic Slime Recipe

Here's a very basic slime recipe that you can make to get in the Halloween spirit!

October 25, 2017


Slime changes shape based on the pressure being put on it.

A Moment of Slime

Learn how to make some cool non-Newtonian fluids.

October 18, 2017


Slug slime is amazing.

Animal Slime

We discuss some of the slimes that are naturally made by animals.

October 11, 2017


A reconstruction of how Xin Zhui probably looked when she was alive. It can be see at the Changsa Museum.

The Discovery of Xin Zhui

Xin Zhui's body is so well-preserved her skin is described as feeling alive.

October 4, 2017


King Tut's golden mask.

Tutankhamun And The Incan Ice Maiden

In the spirit of Halloween, an AMOS introduction to famous mummies.

September 20, 2017


From UWI Seismic Research: "Earthquake damage in Portsmouth, Dominica from magnitude 6.2 Les Saintes earthquake. (21 November, 2004)"

Earthquake Explainer

In the United States, Alaska has the highest number of earthquakes on average.

September 13, 2017


The northern lights are caused by "collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun that enter the earth's atmosphere. "

Solar Flares And You

Solar storms can impact power grids, GPS, and radio transmissions, among other things.

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