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April 2, 2018


What’s The Difference Between Turtles, Tortoises, And Terrapins?

Learn more about the amazing order of reptiles, Testudines.

April 3, 2018


Your Brain And Religious Faith

Psychologists are studying the different cognitive factors that might contribute to a person's attitudes towards religion.

April 4, 2018


Don’t Touch That Fawn

Trying to help a wild baby animal that you find is more likely to harm it than help it.

April 5, 2018


The Mutated Gene That Can Make People Live Ten Percent Longer

People with this particular gene mutation lived 10% longer, had lower incidences of diabetes, and better general cardiovascular health.

April 6, 2018


Hungry Enough To Eat Partially Digested Food

Scientists recently discovered that neanderthals would eat chyme, a mixture of partially digested food and stomach acid found in animals' stomachs.

April 9, 2018


The United States Has A Pet Obesity Problem

More than fifty percent of pet dogs and almost sixty percent of pet cats are obese.

April 10, 2018


Rational Thinking In Animals

Scientists are studying how animals think and perceive the world around them.

April 11, 2018


People Are Endothermic, Snakes Are Ectothermic

Snakes regulate their body temperature using their environment, humans regulate their body temperature internally.

April 12, 2018


You May Have Eaten An Animal With 200 Eyes

A common saltwater clam, known as a scallop, has 200 eyes.

April 13, 2018


Finding A Positive Way To Discourage Substance Abuse

The usual tactics of anti-drug messaging—focus on the negative effects—are much less effective than using positive messages about sober lifestyles.

April 16, 2018


A Cottonwood, A Beaver, And A Beetle

Where most insects fear to tread, a brave beetle feasts on beaver-ravaged cottonwood trees.

April 17, 2018


Polarized Lake Light

Sometimes, under the right circumstances, you'll see a mysterious dark patch in an otherwise wonderfully reflective lake. Why?

April 18, 2018


Can Plants Learn?

It might sound like science fiction, but a recent study found evidence that plants can learn.

April 19, 2018


Touched By A Bacterium

Scientists from Indiana University found that bacterium have a sense of touch.

April 20, 2018


Change Blindness

If you've ever struggled at noticing small details, it might be an inheritance from your ancient ancestors.

April 12, 2018


Graphene: The Hair Dye Of The Future?

Recently, scientists at Northwestern University have found a way to change hair dye by using graphene. Graphene, according to is: “… a two-dimensional material composed of a single layer of carbon atoms.” It’s an allotrope for carbon that was discovered in 2004. Alltrope is a word used to describe the multiple physical forms an […]

April 19, 2018


Preparing For Earth Day

The 2018 Earth Day Theme is getting rid of plastic pollution. On Earth Day, we’ll be running a blog post specifically about plastic pollution in the oceans that has advocacy and conservation tips, as well as an expiation about what “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch” is. If you want to read and think about pollution […]

April 22, 2018


A Trip To The Trash Isles

You’ve probably heard of the garbage patch found between California and Hawaii that is approximately the size of Texas. Myths swirl around it: the patch is so big it can be seen from space and it looks like an island. The trash is so dense—dumped furniture, barrels, wood—there are people living on it. All the […]

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