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Acacia Trees Use Ants To Defend Against Elephants

An unusual partnership is happening on the African plain. The whistling-thorn acacia tree is using ants to defend against elephant attacks.

On the African plain, only the strongest survive. So, it is understandable when certain species work together to survive the harsh conditions.

Whistling-Thorn Acacia Tree

The whistling-thorn acacia tree is just one example of this. The tree is home to hundreds of thousands of ants that help protect it against elephant attacks.

Now, this might seem silly.

How Can Tiny, Weak Ants Defend An Entire Tree?

Elephants are strong enough to destroy the tree but an elephant’s size is not enough to protect it from a mass attack of ants.

The defenders bite and sting the entire elephant in seconds. Scientists are learning that just the presence of the ants is enough to deter an elephant.

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