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How can CDs or tapes of archived programs be requested?

Most programs produced locally at WFIU are available on both CD and cassette. CDs are $12 and cassettes are $10. If you would like a copy of a program or have questions about obtaining copies, please contact us!

How can I listen to WFIU on FM radio?

WFIU 1 can be heard throughout Southern and Central Indiana from our main transmitter, 103.7 MHz. WFIU 2 can be heard near Bloomington on 101.9 MHz, or with an HD radio on 103.7 HD2. Both WFIU 1 and 2 are also heard on various translators in other parts of the state.
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HD Radio lets you hear more talk or more music by listening to either of WFIU’s two digital streams, HD1 and HD2. Learn more about HD Radio »

How can I stream WFIU online?

WFIU also offers 24 hour online streaming of both of our digital signals.

WFIU HD1: High bandwidth | Low bandwidth

WFIU HD2: High bandwidth | Low bandwidth

Having audio trouble? Read our streaming help »

WFIU Podcasts

You can listen to a number of your favorite WFIU programs whenever and wherever you want by subscribing to our podcasts. Podcasting is a convenient way to have programs automatically delivered to your computer or mobile device.

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How can I access WFIU content on my mobile device?

WFIU Mobile Voice:
Access local and national news via any mobile device that can make phone calls, including cell and land line phones. Call (812) 650-4212

WFIU Mobile Web:
Access local and national news and features by pointing their phone or PDA’s mobile browser to Topic navigation links take listeners to pages that pull together related stories from a wide variety of content. Learn More »

WFIU Mobile Streaming:
American Public Media has created the Public Radio Player iPhone application to allow you to listen to WFIU and many other public radio stations using your iPhone or iPod Touch. Learn More »

First, pick your platform:

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Windows XP/Vista/7 »

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Windows Mobile »

Listen on Windows

If you have a high-speed connection such as cable, DSL or fiber-optic, download either:

WFIU HD1 high-quality m3u

WFIU HD2 high-quality m3u.

If you have a low-speed connection such as dial-up, download either:

WFIU HD1 low-quality m3u

WFIU HD2 low-quality m3u

If you are using Internet Explorer, clicking one of the above links should automatically open the stream in Windows Media Player.
If you want to stream with a different program, right-click on the link and choose Save Target As…


Find the downloaded file, right-click on it, and choose Open With to select your preferred audio-streaming


If you are using Mozilla Firefox, a window will pop-up asking you what program you would like to use. Here, you may select
Windows Media Player, iTunes, RealPlayer, or your preferred audio-streaming program.


Listen on Mac OS X

If you have a high-speed connection such as cable, DSL or fiber-optic, download either:

WFIU HD1 high-quality m3u

WFIU HD2 high-quality m3u.

If you have a low-speed connection such as dial-up, download either:

WFIU HD1 low-quality m3u

WFIU HD2 low-quality m3u

If iTunes does not open automatically, or if you wish to listen with a different player, find the .m3u file in
your Downloads folder. Control-click on the file, and choose Open With to select your preferred audio-streaming application.


Listen on an iPhone or iPod touch

First, download American Public Media’s free Public Radio Player application from the App Store.

Once the app is installed, open it and scroll down the list of stations to Indiana. Then, tap on either WFIU Public Radio HD1, or HD2.

Listen on a Windows Mobile device

Tap Start, then Programs, then Windows Media.

If you do not see the Library screen, tap Menu, then Library.

Tap Menu, then Open URL.

For WFIU HD1 high quality, enter:

For WFIU HD2 high quality, enter:

For WFIU HD1 low quality, enter:

For WFIU HD2 low quality, enter:

What is Digital TV?

In 2009, TV stations transitioned from analog broadcasting (NTSC) to digital broadcasting (ATSC). Digital television, or DTV, is both the content that is received and the technology which makes it viewable in homes. DTV offers high-quality pictures and sounds, multiple programming choices from single stations (multicasting), and interactive options. The analog system is outdated and has been replaced by a more flexible system.

What’s the difference between standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD)?

Not all digital signals are high definition. HDTV and Digital TV are not the same thing; HDTV is one format of digital TV. There are three kinds of DTV signals:

  • Standard Definition (SDTV) which is basic quality of both analog and digital; transmission can be in either traditional (4:3) or widescreen (16:9).
  • Enhanced Definition (EDTV) which is a step up from analog and comes in widescreen (16:9) or traditional format (4:3). It provides better picture quality than SDTV, but not as good as HDTV.
  • High Definition (HDTV) with widescreen format (16:9), has the highest resolution and picture quality of all broadcast formats.

What if I subscribe to digital cable or satellite?

Cable and satellite subscribers are not affected by the DTV transition.  Your equipment will continue to work as it did before.

Where can I find out more information about DTV?

Visit the FCC’s website for DTV,, for up-to-date information about digital TV.  You may also call 1-888-CALL-FCC (1-888-225-5322).

Who should I contact about closed captioning problems?

For captioning problems during non-emergency programming, you may file a written complaint with either the FCC or your video programming distributor (i.e., your cable or satellite TV service). If you do not pay for cable, satellite, or another subscription video service, WTIU viewers can receive informed assistance with an immediate closed captioning complaint by calling Television Master Control at (812) 855-9239, faxing to (812) 855-0729 or e-mailing to If the need is not immediate, or the WTIU viewer would prefer to send the comment via postal mail, letters can be sent to:

Howard Lacer
Assistant Chief Engineer
1229 East 7th Street
Bloomington, IN 47405
Phone: (812) 855-2898; Fax: (812) 855-0729; E-mail:

Indiana Public Media is a producer and distributor of public media from WFIU Public Radio and WTIU Public Television at Indiana University including your favorite programming from NPR and PBS.


Radio & TV Center
1229 E 7th St
Bloomington IN

Radio: (812) 855-1357
TV: (812) 855-5900
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WFIU Public Radio


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100.7  Columbus
101.7  French Lick/West Baden
98.9    Greensburg
106.1  Kokomo
95.1    Terre Haute


101.9  Bloomington
103.7  Bloomington (HD2)
100.1  Seymour

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WTIU Public Television

Over-the-Air Digital

Ch. 30.1 WTIU HD
Ch. 30.2 WTIU World
Ch. 30.3 WTIU Create
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Ch. 30.5 WTIU Kids

Comcast Cable (Bloomington)

Ch. 5 WTIU
Ch. 17 WTIU World
Ch. 305 WTIU Create
Ch. 355 WTIU Kids
Ch. 1022 WTIU HD

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WTIU is available to Dish Network and DirecTV subscribers with the Indianapolis local stations package on Ch. 30. The national PBS satellite feed is still available without the local stations package.

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