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Scott Witzke

Scott Witzke moved to Bloomington in 1996. He received a Masters in Music from Indiana University, a Bachelors in Music from Clayton State University, and a Bachelor in Arts from Millersville University. Scott began working at WFIU as Marketing Director in 2006, and is now Marketing Director for WTIU. He enjoys cooking, swimming, and playing music.

Recent posts by Scott

May 12, 2015



Antiques Roadshow: Charleston, Hour One

Exciting finds include a Pete Seeger autographed sign and an 1854 Edward Beyer panoramic oil painting.

May 8, 2015



The Weekly Special: On the Banks

Travel to the banks of the Ohio to discover unique history! Listen to award-winning fingerstyle guitar player, Kade Puckett! Plus, ‘Thee Tsunamis’ join us!

May 7, 2015



NOVA: Nazi Attack on America

Join undersea explorer bob Ballard to examine the wreck of a German submarine a few miles from New Orleans.

May 5, 2015



Independent Lens: Kumu Hina

Watch a transgendered teacher inspire a young girl to claim leadership of an all-male hula troupe.

May 5, 2015



Antiques Roadshow: Santa Clara, Hour Three

Great finds include a Booker T. Washington archive and a 17th-century Chinese transitional wine pot.

May 4, 2015



Wolf Hall on Masterpiece

With Anne pregnant again and away from court, Henry begins to take notice of Jane Seymour.

May 4, 2015


America's Ballroom Challenge

America’s Ballroom Challenge

Enjoy the flowing ball gowns & graceful waltzes of the Intl Standard style, followed by the suggestive costumes and sizzling steps of the Intl Latin division.

May 1, 2015


Nick Jonas

The Lincoln Awards: A Concert for Veterans and the Military Family

This concert celebrates the Lincoln Awards, which recognizes those who support veterans.

May 1, 2015


Caring for Mom and Dad

Examine issues of caring for 75 million baby boomers when they can no longer care for themselves.

May 1, 2015


Mystery Monkeys of Shangri La

Nature: Mystery Monkeys of Shangri-La

The newly discovered, hauntingly beautiful Yunnan snub-nosed monkeys live in the world's highest forests and act both childlike and wise beyond their years.

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