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Scott Witzke

Scott Witzke moved to Bloomington in 1996. He received a Masters in Music from Indiana University, a Bachelors in Music from Clayton State University, and a Bachelor in Arts from Millersville University. Scott began working at WFIU as Marketing Director in 2006, and is now Marketing Director for WTIU. He enjoys cooking, swimming, and playing music.

Recent posts by Scott

August 10, 2015



A Few Good Pie Places/A Few Great Bakeries

Tour fruity and creamy pie shops and explore warm, toasty, small bakeries

August 3, 2015


Aidan Turner as Ross Poldark.

Poldark on Masterpiece: Part 7

A mysterious smelting company challenges the local copper barons. Poldark confronts the same cardsharp who swindled Francis.

August 2, 2015



Last Tango in Halifax

Learn the reason Gillian is reluctant to go through with the wedding.

July 31, 2015


FRONTLINE investigates the accusations of criminality and corruption that have surrounded Vladimir Putin's reign in Russia.

FRONTLINE: Putin’s Way

Examine the accusations of criminality and corruption that have surrounded Putin’s reign in Russia.

July 27, 2015


(L-R) Lieutenant-Colonel Roland Brett (KEVIN DOYLE), Matron Grace Carter (HERMIONE NORRIS)R

Crimson Field: Episode 6

As Joan faces a possible lifetime in prison, Kitty’s wracked with guilt that she knew about Joan but didn’t stop her.

July 16, 2015



To Catch A Comet

Watch the daring attempt to land an orbiter on the surface of a comet as it zooms around the sun.

July 9, 2015


For editorial use only in conjunction with the direct publicity or promotion of this program for a period of three years from the program's original broadcast date, unless otherwise noted. No other rights are granted. All rights reserved.

First Peoples: Europe

Find out why Neanderthals, with whom early humans in Europe interbred, went extinct.

July 1, 2015


Before World War I, Israel and Palestine were made up of several Ottoman provinces. At their core was the city of Jerusalem, which was governed directly from Istanbul.

1913: Seeds of Conflict

Examine the Israeli-Palestinian conflict during the pivotal years just prior to World War I.

June 30, 2015


See what ensues when a pastor opens his church to desperate job-seekers in need of housing.

POV: The Overnighters

Pastor Jay Reinke opened his church to "overnighters" - men and women who came to the North Dakota oil fields seeking employment, only to find slim prospects.

June 23, 2015


Renata Hill

POV: Out in the Night

A group of African-American lesbians charged with attempted murder face an uphill battle in court.

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