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Super Bowl Spectacular

The Weekly Special hits the road to discover how Hoosiers are contributing to Super Bowl XLVII. From food to science, join us as we take you behind-the-scenes!

Marching Hundred

Photo: Chris Eller, Director of Photography, Marching Hundred

The Marching Hundred take to the field during the Indiana Hoosiers game against the Virginia Cavaliers, Sept. 10, 2011.

Steel Splendor:  

Visitors to Downtown Indianapolis were greeted by 20 newly-installed steel sculptures.  We met the Hoosier artist behind these football-inspired creations.


Dashboard Diner:  

We visited the Dashboard Diner, winner of the Super Street Food Showdown, to find out what it takes to feed the estimated 150,000 visitors!


Marching Hundred:  

IU’s ‘Marching Hundred’ performed at the pre-game show.  We spoke with director David C. Woodley  about the band’s ongoing preparation.


Super Baskets of Hope:  

The Weekly Special joined Hoosier volunteers and former Colts’ coach Tony Dungy as they deliver 7,000 gift baskets to hospitalized children in each of the 32 NFL cities.


Also on This Episode

  • From Science to Sport: We traveled to Purdue’s Neurotrauma Group, where scientists are conducting ground-breaking research into football-related head injuries.