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Summer’s Arrived

For Hoosiers, the earmarks of summer have arrived! From the heat of the track to some exciting summer events, The Weekly Special celebrates the new season!

The 49th Infantry Re-Enactment Unit

Photo: The Weekly Special

The 49th Infantry Re-Enactment Unit waits for commands from Captain Van during their spring bootcamp.

On This Episode

  • Fuel for Fun:  The Weekly special follows a very special high school competition, where education comes alive at an Indianapolis track!
  • Half the Car, Double the Enthusiasm:  For RC enthusiasts, racing cars is more than just a hobby.  We visit the Indy RC Raceway to learn more!
  • Bringing History Alive:  The Weekly Special visits the renown 49th Infantry re-enactment unit as they train to bring education and meaning to Indiana’s history.
  • Hidden Treasures:  Spiritual leader Arjia Rinpoche explains some exciting new developments for the Tibetan Cultural Center.
  • Davy Jay Sparrow and His Well-Known Famous Drovers:  Davy Jay takes to the Weekly Special stage to perform songs from his new CD!