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B & C Ranch Animal Acts

B & C Ranch Animal Acts brings a different flavor of animal entertainment to the Lawrence County 4-H fair! From elephants to camels, this act has it all!

Be sure to check back next summer to learn how you can experience these surprising animal acts yourself:  Lawrence County Fairgrounds.

  • Jessika

    Poor animals :-(

    Shame on The Weekly Special for showcasing animals in captivity against their will.

    Wild animals don’t do tricks just for fun, it’s beaten out of them.

  • Missy

    We are all mandated to save animals from abuse. Turn this place in to PETA; Animal Defense League; or any of the many org’s that protect animals. Send photos of the brave elephants. They need to live their natural life, not in a cage & being abused for greed of sick people. Please help when you see ANY animal abuse. Be aware of ‘circuses’ & other animal shows. Do your part.

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