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Indiana Patriot Guard Riders

Formed in 2005, the Patriot Guard Riders continue to support families of the fallen, returning soldiers, and communities through volunteer work and outreach.

For more information on how to request the services of the Indiana Patriot Guard Riders, or to volunteer with the organization, visit:

  • Ron Coleman

    I have to say, without hesitation, this was the best, most professional, and most comprehensive feature about the Indiana Patriot Guard Riders that I have ever witnessed, and I have been with this organization since the very beginning. It portrayed the pride, honor, and respect that envelopes every Indiana Patriot Guard Rider as we perform each and every one of the hundreds of missions around the state each year. More importantly, it showed to your viewers that no one, whether it be a Patriot Guard member, grocery store clerk, or neighbor down the street, that no one should ever forget our Fallen Heroes. You touched upon that human emotion the general public rarely sees. The mother and Fallen Hero’s son in this segment shows to your viewers that whether it be only one person, a few, or a dozen, we can change someone’s life forever, just by showing or performing a small act of kindness whenever possible. These Gold Star families, the wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters of our fallen soldiers, should be reminded their loved one, who sacrificed all, will never be forgotten. It was the Indiana Patriot Guard who did this today, and hopefully; your feature will instill in viewers and others to pay it forward if they possibly can. Thank you very much for all you’ve done. Your segment was exceptional; truly inspirational.

    Much Respect Always,

    Ron Coleman
    IN State Captain
    Patriot Guard Riders

  • Ms. Randi Cook

    Wonderful video! Honored to be a part of this great family!

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